Penalized by Google: Master New Media Is Out Of Google Search Results

September 3, 2007


Google Employees Go on Strike

September 3, 2007

(ok not really) but what if!

Google employees picketed Google headquarters in Mountain View, California today as they found out that Google had been activating desktop pc and laptop cameras and spying on employees and their families in order to see what they do throughout the day. The information was then “securely” stored and parsed for any tell tale signs of corporate espionage. One employee was found to be hoarding thousands of Google’ frisbees, t-shirts and other give away items so he could amass the world’s largest collection of Google stuff, according to his explanation to Mountain View police.

The rioters then started shouting “We are Goonion!”,  We are Goonion!”, We are Goonion!” Eventually Larry and Sergey came outside, told everyone who stopped rioting that moment would get a 10% salary increase and the entire crowd rushed into the building and presumably back to work like a stampede of wild zebras.

At least that’s what I saw, if your experience was different, email it to me or pot it in the comments below.

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